Hydraulic Steel Tensile Tester 400 KN
Standard: TS EN 10002-1, ASTM A370

  • Tensile tests can be performed with the device.
  • Sited on the main body and hydraulic grapple column is four.
  • Fully automated and computer controlled.
  • Special high-strength steel body along with the chin and jaw is set.
  • High-precision measurement laboratory type has the capability.
  • Preferred choice of two sensors are available.
  • Digitally calibration allows for two different values.
  • Strain gauge load cell, transducer and potentiometric output (pressure, strain, flow, etc.). Feature is available to work with.
  • Membrane operator panel.
  • Manual and automatic reset feature has.
  • The maximum (peak) value is the ability to keep in memory.
  • Has the ability to connect to the computer.
  • Supply voltage 220V AC
  • Suitable for manual and automated use.
  • The valve has the ability to control and Inverter.
  • There are Microcontroller based design.
  • Capacity: 400KN
  • Load measurement accuracy: + 1%
  • Strain measurement accuracy: 0.01 mm (10 micron)
  • Vertical distance of the test. : 60 mm. max. : 360 mm
  • The distance between the two jaws can be adjusted before the experiment. (Electric motor)
  • The piston movement distance: 300 mm
  • Load Cell sensitivity: 0.02%
  • Ø 8 - Ø 32 mm is capable of towing.
  • The computer program is provided to materials testing.
  • The program can be taken in the load-elongation graph. Max.yük, max.uz updates, breaking

elongation, Young’s modulus, yield and so on. calculations can provide.
The device consists of information graphics and the test results can provide the test report.
Chin Head Holder: hydraulic or pneumatic control option
Max. moving head movement: 120 mm
Max.ç until the distance between the holder: 420 mm
Compression plates distance: 320 mm
Load reading: Precision load cells
Resolution: 0.01
Stability: Class 1 EN 10002/2
Required height: 3000 mm
Frame weight: 2600 kg approx.
Power: 220 V 1ph 50 H