Full Automatic Compression Testing Machine 3000 KN
Standard: TS EN 12390-4 / ASTM C39 / E4-UNI 6686 / AASHTO T22, T71 / NF P18-411 / BS 1610 GRADE 1.0 / UNE 7242, 83304th

Test presses are fully automatic digital controlled via custom software at the same time
can be controlled from the computer. All presses are in full accordance with TS EN 12390-4 standard.
Test presses or digital unit test program sets automatically the speed value
Try doing slaughter returns to its initial state.
Press the accuracy rate is set at 5% of the value is up to speed. Test speed 1 kN / min and
25 kN / min can be selected.
Testing Machine with 50mmx50mm, 100mmX100mm, 150mmx150mm, 200mmx200mm cube
and 75-160 mmx150-320mm (diameter x height) cylindrical samples can be tested.
rapid pre-loading pump is fitted as standard. Piston loading begins
help speed up the boot pump 100 to 150 mm depending on the model / min rapid may rise.
Pressure relief valve on the appliance, moving pistons limiter, front and can be disassembled rear doors are standard. In all models, the upper pressing plate is systematically oynarbaşlık
The surface hardness of the pressing plate is 55 HRC. 0.3% for a load measurement accuracy pressure transducer is used.
Engine: 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Software: Test control information, sample information, test information, company and laboratory  information can be entered. Experimental results Metric, U.S. and SI units may be obtained in.
Load-Time Chart, Fracture Load and Fracture strain (stress) values ​​can be taken.
The information entered ike graph of the test results and test report can be formed.
The program language is Turkish, and runs on the Windows operating system.