This device is one that provides both density and humidity measurements at the same time, gamma, other
It has two sources, a neutron source. Device wet density, dry density, humidity
Content and moisture percentage values ​​read directly on the same display screen
Microprocessor. The measurement time of the device is 15 seconds, 1 minute, and 4 minutes
Can be set up in 3 separate periods. The device is memory and can store 450 data
And computer / printer output. With the appliance, the reference standard, the drill rod, the hole
Tripod, retractor, charger for 12-14 Volt DC, charger for 110/220 Volt AC, surface
Regulation plate, battery insertion box for alkaline batteries, operating manual, calibration chart
With waterproof polyurethane crate.
TROXLER Brand, Imported US Made.
All Fares below are included.
US-Turkey transportation, insurance and paperwork expenses
customs expenses
Atom Energy license fees: Import license fee,
User license fee, technical personnel dosimetry fee,
Radiation Dose Meter fee