The grinder grinds 6 mm of material in such a way that it can pass through 10-200 mesh screens.
Discs 12-14 Mn cast steel and all ores up to 9 Mohs hardness specified above
Can be taught in delicacies.
The carrier body GG-22 is made of solid cast iron.
The front door, which is fixed discrete, is hinged and can be easily tilted
To clean.
Within the above-mentioned limits, the fineness of the material to be milled,
By moving it back and forth by means of the lever.
The diameter of the disc is 200 mm, and the middle part of the material entering the disc is in the form of a leafy groove,
Straighten the edges.
Engine 4 HP. 1400d / d. 380V.50Hz.
Drive "V" is supplied with belt-pulleys.
Capacity is 20-150 kg / hour depending on the grain grinding precision and the hardness of the material