100 ton capacity
Control Unit: Digital and / or Computer Controlled Full
Automatic is.
Speed ​​Control: Motor Speed ​​Control Unit
Load Meter: 400 Bar Capacity Transducer
Power On / Off: 24 V Solenoid Valve
Maximum clearance between two plates: 336 mm
Compression Plate Diameter: 310 x 520 mm
Plate Hardness Rating: 60 HRC
Maximum Piston Hate: 50 mm
Power: 220-240 V 1 pH 50 Hz 1.1 KW
Dimension: 550 x 1000 x 1400 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Digital Reading and Control Unit:
Hydraulic unit used transducer, pump and speed adjuster
Press print speed (test speed) from 0.5 kN / s to 20 kN / s
The desired value can be adjusted.
It is available in the calibration menu in the display menu.
Hydraulic unit is separate from press body, ease of use
It provides.
220 volts - 50 Hz.
Computer program:
Test control information, sample related information, test related information
Information, company and laboratory information can be entered.
Load-Time Graph, Breaking Load and Breaking Stress (Stress)
Can be taken.
Program language 2 language support in Turkish and English has.