3 Quick humidity (Speedy) Detection Device 
Standard: ASTM D4944 / AASHTO T217 / BS 6576 

  • Field conditions dust, pulp mixture and soil, sand, clay, aggregates and other granular materials quickly and accurately detects the moisture content. 
  • In the sample, the moisture, calcium carbide by reaction with the result of acetly vapors emerge çıkar.orta effluent gas caused by pressure, dial percent humidity as okunur.birkaç minute disposed within the sample moisture determines the rate.  
  • Precision Scale, measuring spoons and cups, calibration kit, 1 box of calcium carbide reagent, cleaning brush, with wooden enclosure as a complete set.  
  • 20 g capacity 
  • Humidity Range: 0-20% 
  • Net Weight: 8 Kg