Charpy, Izod Impact Tester 
Standards: ASTM E23, EN 7-55, UNI4432-4714, ISO TC / 7 

  • The appliance is fitted with a falling pendulum hammer, two desdeg positioned into the middle of the sample is a single shot break 
  • CHARPY on samples, the joule as measures during the pulse energy absorsiyon 
  • Outbound value of the material impact AnImIdIr (flexibility) 
  • Cast iron frame 
  • Hardened blade pendulum 
  • Use brakes to stop the pendulum assembly 
  • Impact energy: 300J, 2J grade 
  • Falling angle: 140 ° 
  • Real-weight: Kg. 21,300 
  • Pulse rate: 5.182 m / s 
  • Dimensions: 450x900x1700 mm 
  • Weight: 470 Kg