3A electromechanical testing machines are used for tensile, compression, bending,
Tests such as cutting, peeling, adhesion, load, elongation, or
It can do strain control. Machine air conditioning cabinet,
Extensometer, pulling jaw, 4-3 point bending apron, playing
Many accessories can be added, such as a printing head. Rubber,
Plastic, coating, film, textile, adhesive, paper, food, sponge,
Cable or metallic pipe and many non-metallic materials
Test facility. Besides these, in the medical sector
To make very precise tests on used materials and apparatus
Allows. Body with 1 pawl milling cutter
Very low speed tests with high speeds
. According to load capacity 2, 1 or 4
According to customer needs, desired width, depth and height
produced. Single-sided dual test area is designed according to the need
Electromechanical universal test systems offer precision,
Reliability, functionality, and so on.
As standard.
Meets all safety requirements specified in the standards
Load Measurement
3A Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines more than one
Load cell. Load accuracy class 0.1% ±
To 0.3% ±. Load measurement capacity special applications
. The system automatically detects each load cell
Define, configure and store the calibration values ​​in memory. Against overloading
Effective timing and security.
Displacement Measurement
Servo motor drive with 0.5 μm accuracy over encoder
Position measurement. In addition to the system, mechanical, automatic or video
Possibility to connect extensometer.
High Performance Electromechanical Test Solutions
Increased production costs and damage to hydraulic systems
Engineers have sought to find a new solution, resulting in a high
Electromechanical solutions with precision, speed and efficiency have emerged.
Electromechanical systems, as an alternative to hydraulic systems,
It is presented.
3A; Our expertise in electromechanical testing is high performance and efficient.
Product range.
• Long-lasting performance and reliability return on investment costs
Accelerates the service life of the machine.
• Easy and efficient use allows you to control test processes more quickly.
• High efficiency provides maximum energy savings.
Flawless Engineering
3A engineers experience on test machines
Offers unique test solutions to customers. design
The other of the engineering aspects held on the front panel
Deminimumoperatoreforuile machine application
Be able to adapt.
User Friendly Software
3A test software recognizes the sensors in the system quickly and automatically
It gives you time to gain in the tests. Software, test methoda
And automatically according to the predefined configuration
Applies. In real time from the computer screen,
Parameters such as load-strain, force-strain X-Y graphics
. By sensors connected to the system
Instantaneous numerical values ​​such as position, load, strain,
To obtain the most accurate result.
Real-time results of pre-loaded calculations
It allows execution and display.
System error due to human factor
To a minimum. Thanks to speed, load and stroke limiters
Safety is best kept on the front planet. User test required during testing
At any time.
Universal tensile testing machine with 50 kN capacity jaw assembly and pulling on different materials with various strength classes
Experiments. Draw, tear, break point in plastic and metal materials in tensile testing machine
(Strain) and% elongation (deformation). The universal drafting machine has a light design and is on the bench
It may be used. Possibility to test the system through the notebook computer and select test parameters with one touch
It serves. Because the machine’s drive system is equipped with a servo motor it is possible to provide very low and high test speeds
It serves.
A set of wedge action mechanical jaw sets are supplied with the tester.
Digital quality control indicator LCD display, 50 KN capacity loadcell, 50 kN capacity V-bed jaw, Precision screw shaft + Flange nuts,
Servo motor Servo drive and reducer
Engine: Servo
Test speed: 0.01mm / min-500mm / min
Test distance: 800mm
Capacity: 50 kN
Extensometer accuracy: 0.01mm
Approximate measurement: 1200mm load x 600mm depth x 350mm width
Operating voltage: 220VAC 1 pH 16A
Frame weight: approx. 2600 kg. Power: 220 V 1ph 50 H