TS EN 12390-4 / ASTM C39 / E4-UNI 6686 / AASHTO T22, T71 / NF P18-411 / BS 1610
GRADE 1.0 / UNE 7242, 83304th
Test pressesFull automatic digital control and at the same time via special software
Can be controlled from the computer. All presses are fully compliant with TS EN 12390-4.
The test press automatically sets the speed set by the digital unit or test program
And returns to the initial state of the experiment.
In presses, speed accuracy is 5% of the set speed value. The test speed is 1 kN / min to 25
KN / min.
Test Presses with 50mmx50mm, 100mmx100mm, 150mmx150mm, 200mmx200mm cube and
75 - 160 mmx150-320mm (diameter x height) cylinder samples can be tested.
The quick booster pump is available as standard. Piston loading will begin
Speed ​​up to 100-150 mm / min depending on the model
It may rise.
The devices include pressure relief valve, piston movement limiter, demountable front and
The rear doors are standard. In all models, the top platen is equipped with a headrest system
The surface hardness of the pressing plates is 55 HRC. 0.3% sensitivity for load measurements
Pressure transducer.
Motor: 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Test control information, sample information, test information, company and
Laboratory information can be entered. Test results Metric, US and SI unit systems
receivable. Load-Time Graph, Refraction Load and Fracture Stress values ​​can be taken.
The entered information can be given as an experimental report consisting of graphical and test results. Program
Is in Turkish and runs on Windows operating systems.